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Starting a Resource centre

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A Resource Centre is a local Church Bible College or Ministry Training Centre, run by the local church and its ministry team using the resources of Vision Christian College.

  1. Students enjoy the benefit of local ministry team teaching them while they are a part of a world-wide network of over 150,000 students, yet they are being trained locally for local ministry and beyond.
  2. Lecturers enjoy the role of teaching students and can place all of there energy into teaching and training.
  3. Vision Christian College provides the curriculum, handles the student records, marks the papers and issues awards and provides international recognition and covering.
  4. The Church enjoys the benefits of a trained and equipped body capable of meeting the local ministry needs a financial blessing by way of a discount of fees to the Resource Centre

The requirements for starting a Resource Centre are simply "a desire to teach, train and develop the members of your church for ministry".

Starting a local Church Bible College with Vision Christian College  is a very easy process, before you begin there are a few things you need so be certain of.

1.  Who is going to administer your Bible College

While we have no set preference we do suggest that while the Senior Pastor should be fully supportive of the College someone else should administer it on his behalf.

2.  Who will teach?

The College is your college and while Vision lecturers will come to teach by invitation, it is expected that each college shall provide it's own teaching staff.  The Vision program is very flexible and you will typically need only 1 lecturer at any given time.  We believe that the local church ministry are the best placed people to provide the ministry to the local church

3.  Do you have a sufficient student body?

There is no minimal number of students to run a local church bible college, however to be recognised by Vision Christian College and enjoy the formal status of a Resource Centre  you will need a minimum of 5 students.  This minimum number of students also attracts a discount on the books as we appreciate the effort that is involved in running a college.

You can now either contact the office directly on 02 98291340 and speak with Ps Denis about the options available to you or you can follow the next few steps.

4.  Download the information books

There are two books "Introducing Vision Christian College" and "Introducing Vision International College" These will provide you with details of the study options available to you.  The books will provide you with the information on what can be taught in your college, the awards and study options. 

5.  Download and complete the application form.   Resource Centre Application Form

This form provides us with the details we need from you to start a College, such as names, addresses, contact details.   Send the Application form to the Vision offices or email it to us.  We will consider your application and respond to you within a few days.  Where possible we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the colleges in detail with you and your ministry team and perspective students. 

As soon as you are comfortable with the arrangements we will send you a copy of the "Covenant Agreement". The covenant agreement is not a legally binding document, it does however outline the responsibilities of each partner. There are different Covenant Agreements for different purposes.

  • The Australian agreement is for all churches within Australia.  These churches will order study materials directly from our Australian office and the materials will be sent to the local college
  • The Foreign agreement is for churches in developed nations outside Australia. These colleges will need to print the the study material for the student body from a CD that is provided by Vision.

Once approved we will send you a copy of the Covenant Agreement.  Complete the Agreement and send it to us with the appropriate fees.

Now all you need is to get the students to complete the application forms, send them to us with enrolment fees and an order for your first subject.  We will prepare the study books, assessment material any other material that the students or the college requires and send it to you with an Invoice .

Two weeks after the start of the subject you should order your next subject to ensure they will arrive on time for the subject to be taught.

At the end of the month the students will hand their assignments to the local administrator who will photocopy the material and send a copy of the assignment to our office for marking.  The results are entered into the database and sent back to the local college for the students.

6  Choosing subject material

  • Foundational Studies
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Life Studies
  • Church Studies
  • Counselling Studies
  • Doctrinal Studies
  • General Education
  • Missions Studies

We believe that the staff of the Resource centre are best suited to select the subjects for the student body.They understand the students issues, the subjects that most need to be taught to develop the ministry potential of the student body.

There are more than 100 subjects from which to choose in 8 streams of study.

While we will provide the Resource Centre with a "Model" curriculum on request we do encourage the Resource Centre to select one subject from each stream in rotation. The effect of this system is that the Resource Centre has a greater control over the subjects being taught by selecting the subject most appropriate while the streaming maintains the balance of the material.

This process of ordering books, lecturing, sending assignments continues as long as the local college is pleased to work with Vision Christian College



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