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Through Vision Internet Bible College student's may enrol into Vision International College to undertake Accredited Studies as outlined below.

VETAB is the State body in NSW, Australia, that grants accreditation to Colleges and Institutions to run training programs that are accepted throughout the formal education system within Australia. Australian students may be eligible for assistance from Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance.

VETAB accredited awards are accepted by Universities and many other recognised training bodies throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the United States of America

Any institution or educational body that wishes to gain this accreditation for their programs must comply with stringent conditions and processes that are designed to protect:

  1. The student, as they work and study to achieve their professional recognition
  2. The integrity of the institution, as a provider of legitimate teaching and training
  3. The Australian education system; as one of the worlds best providers of education, the processes of VETAB ensure a high standard of quality in which the student and their colleges can be confident.

As you view the pages on our VETAB Accredited program you will note that the range of options differ from the Recognised "Vision" material.

The mix of subjects are a combination of Vision's doctrinal subjects and a range of practical subjects from the Australian "Community Services" program that have been selected for their excellence in developing the professional skills that are required of men and women who wish to enter into the ministry. These are Vocational courses and are especially appropriate for interns and those who prefer to gain accredited awards.

As a result of these study options Vision Internet Bible College is able to offer an excellent range of balanced study options for those men and women who wish to enter into ministry and provide them with a level of training that will be both theologically sound and professionally satisfying. VETAB Accredited Awards are:

  • Certificate III in Theology or Christian Ministry
  • Certificate IV in Theology or Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Theology or Christian Ministry
  • Advanced Diploma of Theology or Christian Ministry

With each award a student will complete a pre-determined curriculum of both doctrine and practical studies. This combination is an exciting mix that will help to equip the student for ministry well into the 21st Century.

Recognition Given To The Training Program

Graduates from these courses will be recognised as appropriate persons to be employed as Parish Workers, Church Workers, Religious Instructors, Ministers, mission support personnel, Pastors, and Church-Planters and Missionary Workers (as relevant to the level and type of qualification completed) by the majority of Christian denominations functioning in Queensland, Australia and beyond.

Job Role

Certificate III

Certificate IV


Advanced Diploma

Ministry Worker



Religious Instructor








Missionary Worker







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