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Post Graduate


 Vision International College


Through Vision International College we now offer the VETAB Accredited Christian Ministry and Theology Awards.   Each award attracts Austudy to eligible Australian students.  Students who wish to undertake accredited programs will be enrolled into Vision International College and not the Internet Bible College. IBC is merely a promotional vehical and is a sister college with the Internet Bible College as is Vision International University.The accredited program is run entirely through Vision International College.  Access to enrolment forms and subejcts is possible through the Internet Bible College or directly to Vision International College 


The program


 Christian Ministry and Theology
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30771QLD Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology
30772QLDCertificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology
30773QLD Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology
30774QLD Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology
30775QLD Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology
30776QLD Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Nationally Recognised Training
 Vision International College


There are two award options which are the Graduate Certificate and Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.

Pre-requisites: Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology, or equivalent, OR a recognised Australian undergraduate degree or higher, or equivalent overseas qualification.


The Vocational Graduate programme builds on skills and learning developed in he undergraduate program.  Units are studied at greater depth, more detailed written work is required and there is a greater emphasis on ministry skills development.


These studies are ideally suited to those already involved in ministry at a pastoral level of ministry, or those who wish to enter into a deeper level of study to serve Christ and the church.


Upon completion of this qualification learners should have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to serve effectively as workers and pastors, missionaries in churches, parishes, para-church organisations, missionary organisations, and in religious education. Students will learn to apply biblical principles to their daily life, and understand how to explain and share those principles with others.The programme continues around the two streams of study in the undergraduate program


1.        Biblical Theology The student completes the text book assignments supplied by our college. Assignments are open book and designed to assess the student’s comprehension of the text not their memory.  


2.        Practical Ministry Skills Development:  Skills assignments are set out and developed with the student’s Pastor or mentor and developed within the student’s area of ministry to maximise training and build skills upon skills.


Competency-based Vocational Training:  Competency-based vocational training perfectly complements Vision's commitment to training within the local church community. The student is required to develop and demonstrate competency in essential skills of ministry. Vision affirms the following values for vocational ministry training.


Christ: All teaching will be centred in Christ — seeking to bring students into a Christ like life and thinking.


Community: Training is proven in the context of community life. The student's ministerial vocation will be expressed in the daily life of his or her various communities: family, church community, society, and the broader community of the world.


Character: Building strong character will be the goal of all training, not just an accumulation of knowledge. The indwelling life of Christ expressed and worked out, in community will develop godly character.


Calling: Will be observed, developed, and proven within the immediate context of the community.


Competency:  is developed and nurtured in the environment of a loving community and is demonstrated by practical, hands-on training in the immediate context of the local church and community.


Recognition Given To The Training Program: Graduates of these courses may be recognized as appropriate persons as Church Workers, Religious Instructors, Pastors, Church-Planters and Missionary Workers by the majority of Christian denominations within Australia and beyond.


Vocational Graduate Certificate in Christian ministry and theology


Vocational Graduate Diploma of Christian ministry and theology



Job Role
 Certificate III
 Certificate IV
 Diploma Advanced DiplomaGraduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate
 Ministry Worker
 Religious Instructor
 Missionary Worker






The vision of Vision

Rev. Dr. Ken Chant
shares his vision
of this ministry

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